Smart Kitchen

White Goods are large electrical goods used domestically such as refrigerators and washing machines, typically white in colour.

The household appliance sector is changing fundamentally. The trend domestically is towards efficient multifunctional appliances.

These appliances will have mini computers and will be linked by your network.  This will result in interconnected Fridges, Freezers & Microwaves capable of monitoring your food, advising when sell by date is due, suggesting what you have available to eat, suggesting a menu, telling you which shelf it is on, how to cook it and re-ordering from your preferred supplier automatically.

Separate Washing Machines and Tumble Dryers will be able to recognise what type of materials are being put in and select the best programme to wash with then notify the Tumble Dryer what temperature to dry at etc.

At the moment any product on the market are very expensive and still undergoing development.

We will endeavour to show examples as and when they become available.

Ikea Concept Kitchen