The world is constantly changing and new Smart Home products are coming out daily.

Although nobody can accurately predict the future technology is here to stay.

What used to take 10 Years to design and develop is now only taking 1 Year and this gap will continue to shrink to 1 week and beyond.

Smart TV’s learning your preferences of watching and automatically turning your TV on at a specific time to watch it etc.

IoT ( The Internet of Things ) is a proposed development of the Internet in which everyday objects have network connectivity, allowing them to send and receive data.

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IoT Smart Home is just a name for 21st Century Home Networking.

2018 marks the 10th Anniversary of install what are now known as Smart Homes.

All IoT products contain mini computers that connect to your home network and enable Smart usage .

These products are still in their infancy and will continue to improve as more people adopt them.

We have been installing PC networks for the last 40 years and IoT Smart Homes are just the latest variant.  With our wealth of network installation knowledge we can help with seamless integration of your new purchases.

All products shown in Category Blog are examples of Smart Home Products and we do not hold a view on their quality etc.


Smart Home Products viewable in Blog Category
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IoT examples
Interactive Child monitoring (Mimo monitor)
Reminder to take prescriptions (GlowCaps)
Activity Tracking for Health via Smartphone
Sensors in your medicine reminding you to take it again
Monitoring an ageing Family with sensors (BeClose)
Remote tracking of cardiac arrhythmias (BodyGuardian)
Heating (Nest)and Lighting (Phillip’s Hue)sensors controlled by your phone resulting in home automation now available on the iPhone IOS10
Water leak detection and movement sensors (Ninja Block)
Automatic Lawn and Plant feeding (HarvestGeek)

IoT Whitegoods
Fridge that knows what’s in it and tells you when something should be disposed of.
Freezer that scans all bar codes and tells you what shelf to put it on and also detect when items removed. Some of the latest versions are capable of creating a shopping list for you and ordering it from your preferred supplier
Microwave that knows what food you have in your fridge and Freezer and suggest a menu
Washing Machines that can detect what type of items have been put in and what colour to choose the best washing cycle
Tumble Dryers that detect what type of clothes you put in and choose what temperature to dry at. They could also be able to detect when the filter needs cleaning to avoid fires.


Many new products being released have inbuilt mini computers that enable them to connect to your router and therefore can be controlled by other devices like your SmartPhone and Voice activated devices from Amazon & Google for example.

These new products are in effect network devices and can be configured to work through your router.

This linking to your network is not always straightforward.

With our 40 Years experience in Networking we can help you get the best out of your Smart Home

Great care must be taken when purchasing all Smart devices because although they may talk to your SmartPhone via an App they may not integrate into a central connection platform.

We are available to help you select and install your Smart Home

All products shown in Category Blog are examples of Smart Home Products and we do not hold a view on their quality etc.

For help and advise on your Smart Home or to make a booking please ring 01293-894444 or email info@iotsmarthome.co.uk